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High School+ 

High School+ is a high school completion option which allows you to earn your high school credits through our Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes. You'll take the necessary classes to fulfill any remaining credits left to receive your high school diploma. This comprehensive program includes high school transcript review, credit for life experiences, and classes to complete high school requirements.


  • Adults age 18 and over are eligible to participate in High School+. However, if you are under 21, it is recommended that you start with Fresh Start.
  • You are encouraged to submit an unofficial transcript from your previous high school(s) or college(s) to the BEdA front desk located in building 7 in the advising area. The High School+ advisor will evaluate your transcript and discuss what credits you have remaining left to earn as well as your educational plan of the classes you need to take to earn you high school diploma.

→ No prior credits earned? No problem! You can still participate in High School+ without any prior credits. 

Program Details 

What kinds of classes will I take?

High School+ students earn English credits through our ABE Reading & Writing courses. These courses are contextualized to various subjects such as US History, Environmental Science, etc. Students earn high school math credits via our ABE math courses. To cover additional credit areas (Health, Physical Education, Washington State History, etc.) students may take a Portfolio course that allows them to work on individualized projects such as using life experiences  towards high school credits.

How long willl it take to earn my diploma?

Earning your diploma will depend on several factors, including prior credits earned, your ABE level, number of classes taken per quarter, and passing coursese with a C or higher. Additionally, not all subjects will be offered each quarter or at the time of day that works best for you. You may be able to complete the program faster if you are flexible with the time of day that you attend classes.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for all BEdA programs is $25 per quarter plus $1 per credit for classes. You may be eligible for tuition assistance and are encouraged to apply for our Tuition Scholarship Waiver. If you need more financial assistance for funding, complete the Start Next Quarter Survey to see if you meet the qualifications for Workforce Education funding.


GED® stands for General Educational Development. It is a series of four tests that measure achievement in five major areas of high school education. Passing indicates high-school equivalent knowledge and skills. Most employers and colleges, including TCC, accept GED® certificates. Some colleges and professions will require higher scores than the minimum passing scores. 

Although TCC does not offer official GED® Preparation courses, BEdA classes will help prepare you for the reading, writing and math portions of the GED® exams. If you take GED® support classes at TCC, you will also be given access to GED® Academy, which will give additional free practice material. Additional preparation is available online through the GED® testing service. To find out more about GED® testing, visit the GED® website.

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We are located in:                                  

Building 7 Advising Area (Green wall section)
Front Office: 253-566-5144
For general program questions email basicskills@tacomacc.edu

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