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Learning Communities

Join a community at TCC and get the most out of college!

Why Join a Learning Community?


In Learning Communities, two or more of your classes are joined into one, and teachers work together to connect their content and support and mentor you. In this model, you complete needed credits for your major, create close connections with your teachers and classmates and experience a sense of community. 

  • Get to know people and make friends in your major or area of interest right away
  • Develop a supportive network with other students, peer mentors, and professors
  • Complete needed credits for your major in a supportive environment
  • Complete exciting projects that are  linked to your major and community

Students love TCC Learning Communities! 

I liked how the teachers connected their assignments and knew how to support me – I actually enjoyed coming to class. ”

Randy J., English and Human Development Learning Community


Does this sound like something that interests you?

The following Learning Communities will be offered Winter 2021:

(Please Note: Read through ALL OPTIONS before making your choice.)

Learning Communities Options

TCC offers Learning Communities in various fields that are designed to fit your career or educational pathway. 
Winter 2021 (LC 1)
Winter 2021 (LC 2)
Winter 2021 (CCPA)

Learning While the World is on Fire (LC 1)

In this interactive course we will explore environmental justice issues and complete exciting projects that are linked to your life and community.

Instructors: Hunt & Endicott


Interested in options available for ABE students?



Professor Hunt Professor Endicott
Professor Hunt Professor Endicott

Yes, I am interested in enrolling in LC1

Having trouble accessing the form? 
Email Sabine Endicott for enrollment assistance.

Choose your English level, appropriate for English 85, 95 and 101 students.
All classes are integrated.
  Course# Course Title Days Times
  7851 ENGL 85 MTWTh 11:30a-12:20p
  7852 ENGL 95 MTWTh 11:30a-12:20p
For students who need extra support in English 101  7861 ENGL& 101 






  7863 ENGL& 101






For students who need extra support in English 101 7864 Write 95 Th 12:30-1:20p
Required 5111 HD 101 MWTh 11:30a-12:20p

S.T.A.R.S. (LC 2)

Join S.T.A.R.S. (Students Together Achieving Rising Statuses) and explore your and other students‘ rich cultural identity. Experience community and build your academic success with the help of faculty of color who will serve as models and mentors.

Fits all majors, fulfills distribution requirements.

10 credits/ Hybrid/ Section LC 2

InstructorsReid & Cho


Professor Reid Professor Cho
Professor Reid Professor Cho

Yes, I am interested in enrolling in LC2

Having trouble accessing the form
Email Sabine Endicott for enrollment assistance.


  Course# Course Title Days Times
Required 8277 ENGL& 102: English Composition II MTWTh 9:30-10:20a
Required 13430 SOC 205: Sociology of African Americans TWTh 10:30a-11:20p

College & Career Pathways Academy (CCPA)

Appropriate for both, English 85 and English 95 students.

Completely integrated, supportive and interactive learning community. Helps students with career exploration and allows them to get college credit in required classes while still in developmental education. 

15 credits  /  Web Enhanced  / Section CCPA

Instructors: Muir & McGill


Interested in options available for ABE students?



Professor Muir Professor McGill
Professor Muir Professor McGill

Yes, I am interested in enrolling in CCPA

Choose your correct English course (either English 85 or 95).

Having trouble accessing the form? 
Email Sabine Endicott for enrollment assistance.

Requirements: HD 101, CMST&101 +  Engl 85 or Engl 95
  Course# Course Title Days Times
CCPA Choose English level 5482 ENGL 85: Reading/Writing MTWTh 9:30-11:20a
5485 ENGL 95: Reading/Writing MTWTh 9:30-11:20a
Required 5100 HD 101: Student Success Seminar MTW 11:30a-12:20p
Required 5487 CMST& 101: Intro to Communication MTWTh 11:30a-12:20p

Meet the Learning Communities Coordinator 

Sabine Endicott

It makes so much sense to combine academic subjects, to integrate course work, to work in a close community of instructors and students, and to connect with the campus and community.

-- Sabine Endicott --

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