Welcome to Spring Quarter.

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Academic Calendar

These are the important dates to know regarding the academic schedule.

Instructional Calendar


Important Dates

Spring 2021

(Note: Early/late starting and short courses have pro-rated deadlines. Email Enrollment Services for details.)


Need to Know

March 1 (Thursday)

Spring Quarter books available

March 11 (Thursday)

Spring Quarter tuition due

March 29 (Monday)

Spring Quarter classes begin

March 30 (Tuesday)

Last day to add credit classes without instructor permission

March 30 (Tuesday)

Last day waitlist process runs

April 2 (Friday)

Last day for 100% refund

April 9 (Friday)

Financial Aid census date (Enrollment is locked for financial aid purposes)

April 9 (Friday)

Last day to add credit classes with instructor permission

April 9 (Friday)

Last day to drop a class with no grade reported

April 19 (Monday)

Last day for 40% refund

April 27 (Tuesday)

Last day to change audit status

April 29 (Thursday)

Educational Planning Day- No daytime classes. Classes starting at 3:00 pm or after will meet

April 30 (Friday)

Spring Quarter degree applications due

May 10 (Monday)

Summer and Fall priority enrollment begins (State mandated)

May 11-14

Summer and Fall enrollment for currently enrolled students. (Students can check their ctcLink for their exact date & time)

May 17 (Monday)

Summer and Fall Quarter open enrollment begins

May 24 (Monday)

Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W”
Last day for “S/U” grade option

May 31 (Monday)


June 7 (Monday)

Last day of Spring Quarter classes

June 8-11

Spring Quarter final exams
Spring Quarter virtual book buy-back (http://www.nebook.com/virtualsellback)

June 12 (Saturday)

TCC Commencement

June 15 (Tuesday)

Spring Quarter grades available online

June 21

Summer Quarter classes begin



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