Basic Education for Adults: Start Here

Get started here for Basic Skills, HS+, GED Support Classes, IBEST, and ESL.

Welcome to Basic Education for Adults at TCC!    

We're glad that you are interested in continuing your education at TCC.   

To get started, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Apply to Tacoma Community College for free.

  • Complete TCC's online application for admission. You will need to create a username and password before logging in. Under the program/plan options, please select Transitional Studies.  ​Skip this step if you are a TCC Student with a student ID number.   
  • You should receive a welcome email with your ctcLink ID (student number) within two to three business days of applying.     

Step 2: Email High School Transcripts, ONLY for HS+ students. Skip this step if you are only interested in GED or building your skills to college level.

  • While a high school transcript is not required to participate in HS+, it is encouraged that you to submit one if you believe you've earned any prior credits. Email a copy of your unofficial high school transcript to

Step 3: Complete the Assessment for English and Math.   

  • Take your time to read the Directed Self-Placement for English guidance and to complete the Reflective Writing assignment at the end of the form. If you already have an English placement or placed in English 101, you do not need to complete this English DSP. 
  • Review the Directed Self-Placement for math to determine the best starting point for yourself. If you have taken the ALEKS placement test and placed in Math 85 or higher, you do not need to take this math DSP.  Unsure of which ABE math course is a good fit?  Watch TCC's ABE Math DSP video (36 minutes) that covers problems you will see in the different ABE math levels.

Step 4: View the Basic Education for Adults Online Orientation and Post-Orientation Form.

  • Review our department's online orientation.
  • Please complete and submit this formto verify you have completed steps above, and to give us a little more information about your goals! 


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