TCC's Integrated Basic Education Skills and Training 

Integrated Basic Education Skills and Training (I-BEST) Programs allow you to build skills to college level and earn a college-level professional/technical certificate at the same time. With I-BEST you are able to start on a career pathway earlier.

I-BEST offers a team-teacher learning community. Your English instructor works with your career training instructor to cover material that is relevant to the career while you are improving your reading and writing skills. In addition, I-BEST students receive the support of a program-specific navigator to help them as they move forward on their educational pathway.

I-BEST programs are designed to move you further, faster. You will:

  • Improve reading, writing, and communication skills needed for your career
  • Learn the skills needed to complete a professional certificate
  • Explore career options
  • Create a plan for your educational and career pathway

Watch a video about how I-BEST can help you reach your goals

I-BEST is a Learning Community

Join a group of students like you to enhance your educational experience. 


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Questions? We are here to help! 

Basic Education for Adults 
Bldg. 7
Phone: 253-566-5144 

Get started by completing our ABE Orientation and check in at the ABE front desk in building 7 near Advising!

Walk-in Orientation held every Thursdays at 9 AM!

Prefer to do things online?  Complete Online Orientation here!