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Access Services Resources & Technology

Accommodations and Assistive Technology

Access Services offers guidance on various accommodations and assistive technology for TCC students. View the resources in the sections below.


Reasonable Deadline Extension Accommodation Guidelines


Reasonable Flexibility in Attendance or Deadlines Accommodation Guidelines


 Memory Aid/Note Card Accommodation Guidelines


Moderating Canvas Quiz Settings

When a student needs to have the standard quiz settings altered because they require accommodations of extra time or a new due date, the professor must first make changes in Canvas quiz settings. The accompanying document provides step-by-step instructions for changing these settings to allow extra time or a new date.

Moderating Canvas Quiz Settings

Assistive Technology


Available to Access Services Students
Available to All

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is any device, piece of software, equipment or tool that helps people with disabilities improve, maintain or increase their functional capabilities. Essentially, the tools and software that help you do what you want to do more quickly, easily or independently. Although Assistive Technology has traditionally been developed for people with disabilities, the applicability of much of this technology has been found to be useful to almost all people at some point throughout their lives. 

Approximately 75% of college students with a disability who would qualify for Assistive Technology don’t know what Assistive Technology is and don’t know there are tools and programs available to support them prior to starting college. Students who have access to these tools and resources prior to starting classes feel more prepared for their classes, the work and the tasks required of them in a college setting. With this preparedness and technological training comes increased confidence and a more positive outlook on one’s college career. 

We welcome suggestions and feedback on this section, specifically regarding new software programs and tools that should be added to our site. Please email suggestions to lwilliams@tacomacc.edu for additional consideration.

Assistive Technology Available to Access Service Students

This document is meant to be a starting point to research Assistive Technology tools. If you’re registered with Access Services or a prospective Access Services student, the Assistive Technology & Accommodations Assistive Technology Coordinator welcomes you to meet, talk and discover what tools best fit your strengths and challenges. Contact Access Services at 360-504-6357 or at access@tacomacc.edu to schedule a time to meet. For all other students or individuals who visit, we hope this website serves as a starting point for researching and finding tools and programs that best fit the tasks you need to complete. 

Assistive Technology Available to access services students (.docx)

Free Assistive Technology Available for Everybody

This document focuses on Free Assistive Technology that any student or individual on any college campus or point in life may find useful, regardless of if you have a disability or not. Many of these tools may help you complete tasks more quickly, easily or independently.

Free Assistive Technology Available to everybody (.docx)

Video Captions Tutorials


Video Tutorials for ReadSpeaker, Otter ai and more