Santina Haywood

A headshot of Santina. Santina stands in front of a tan wall, smiling and wearing a blue and white striped sweatshirt.
OfficeBldg. 7
Dept.Access Services


Santina hails from Springfield, Massachusetts, the birthplace of basketball, Milton Bradley Company, and Dr. Seuss. She supported special needs children for 20 years and special needs adults for 5 years. Her background is full of volunteer commitments and service to her community in many roles. She prides herself on being able to provide organizational balance through customer service to her clients and coworkers. Santina loves music, reading, and spending time with her 12 siblings, 6 nieces and nephews, and her son. Santina was recently hired by Access Services as a part time Office Clerk. The Access Services Team is so thrilled to have Santina as part of the family.

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