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HIM BAS Entry Requirements

Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

Entry Requirements

Please note, there is no expiration date for previous degree or coursework requirements. However, the health care industry is constantly changing. If your coursework took place over five years ago and you do not have industry experience, you may wish to either retake an Associate degree level course or do self-study to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge base to successfully move forward with your studies.

Students are eligible to apply for entry into the HIM BAS program by meeting one of the following

  • Associate Degree in a health-related field,
  • Associate Degree in a business-related field,
  • At least 90 college-level credits

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 with a minimum of 2.0 in applicable college-level courses.

Preferred Course Work

Preferred course work to include the following topics

  • Healthcare Systems
  • The Medical Record
  • Healthcare Data
  • Health Statistics and Research
  • Terminologies, Nomenclatures and Payment Methodologies
  • Medical Coding

Students who have not completed coursework in those areas may take individual study concurrently to meet these requirements (arrangements made through HIM Advisor)

Lower Division Courses Required For Degree

Students must complete the following lower division courses with an earned grade of C or higher prior to taking 300 level HIM courses

Lower Division Distribution Requirements

  • ENGL&101 - English Composition
  • BIO&175 - Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • HIT 160 – Pathophysiology/Pharmacology
  • MATH&146 OR MATH 136 - Introduction to Statistics

Lower Division Non-Distribution Requirements

  • Medical Terminology
  • Excel 203 OR 2016 or 2019 MOS Core Level Certification
    (Recommended for students beginning in fall 2020. Required for students beginning in fall 2021.)

General Education Required For Degree

In addition to the HIM core curriculum, students must complete the following general education courses.

All HIM core curriculum and general education courses must be completed with an earned grade of C or higher.

Upper Level General Education Distribution Requirements

  • ENGL 301 – Professional Writing and Communication in Healthcare
  • PHIL 320 – Ethical Decision Making

  • PSYC 301 – Fundamentals of Research for Healthcare

General Education Distribution Electives
(Choose one preferred Humanities & one preferred Social Science class from the list below)
  • Humanities course (CMST 320, PHIL 320 recommended)
    • CMST&101 – Introduction to Communication
    • CMST 110 – Multicultural Communication
    • CMST&210 – Interpersonal Communication
    • CMST&220 – Public Speaking
    • CMST 320 – Professional and Organizational Communication
    • PHIL&101 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • Social Science distribution course (PSYC 360 recommended)
    • PSYC&100 – General Psychology
    • PSYC&180 – Human Sexuality
    • PSYC&220 – Abnormal Psychology
    • PSYC 360 – Health Psychology
    • SOC&101 – Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC&201 – Social Problems
    • SOC 262 – Race and Ethnic Relations

General Education Electives (at least 15 credits - must include the following)

  • Computer Concepts
  • Database Implementation
  • Medical Coding

Other Requirements