Distinction Pathways


A Distinction Pathway is a series of courses that leads up to a note of completion on your transcript and, at the same time, helps you choose and complete the requirements for your chosen degree. The Distinction Pathways at TCC, such as Global Studies, Sustainability, or American Ethnic and Gender Studies, provide you with a focused concentration of courses that can help you in future applications and course work.

Distinction Pathways at TCC


American Ethnic and Gender Studies (AEGS)

The AEGS Distinction Pathway at TCC is a multidisciplinary program that brings together faculty and students from different academic disciplines to focus on gender and ethnic studies.

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Global Studies 

The Global Studies Distinction Pathway allows students to delve into global issues by focusing their credits and completing a capstone project.

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The Sustainability Distinction Pathway offers courses selected from a variety of disciplines on topics related to sustainable resource use.

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