A large group of students stands on the steps of Building 12.

Men of Distinction


Our mentoring and support program prepares young men for college, specifically young men of color, first generation college, or low income. MOD is currently recruiting students. If you are interested, please contact Marco Flores below.

Program Benefits

Men of Distinction helps young men entering college in the following ways.

Prepare for College

Almost ready for college-level work, but not quite? Join the three week jump start with us to get ready for the Fall Quarter!  You will make lifelong friendships, build confidence and develop skills to succeed in college.

Forge relationships

It doesn't end there. Forge a group that can support you throughout your educational journey! The Men of Distinction program empowers students to work together to promote personal and academic success.

Earn credits

Depending on initial assessment scores, students may earn 3 credits from Human Development (HD) 101 and Math Boot camp.


Questions? Contact us!

Marco Flores, Retention Coach