Travel Expenses for Qualified Applicants

Section: IV. ADSV-375
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 01/29/04
Last Review: 06/28/11
Last Revision: Unknown
Prior Revisions: 01/2000, 01/29/04
Initial Adoption: 1991


Departments may pay travel and other related recruitment expenses for applicants considered for full-time faculty and full-time administrative supervisory positions. The Vice President or President must approve in advance all requests to reimburse expenses, in accordance with the policy, RCW and OFM guidelines.

Out of State Applicants and In-State Applicants Outside a 150-Mile Radius

Out-of-state applicants and In-state applicants traveling from outside 150-mile radius may be reimbursed at rates not to exceed those established for state employees and subject to Office of Financial Management (OFM) guidelines as follows:

  1. One-half of actual round trip travel expenses for airfare or full mileage, whichever is most economical. In the case of airfare, an original receipt must be submitted.
  2. Actual or allowable lodging expense for one day, whichever is less. An original detailed hotel receipt must be submitted.
  3. Allowable meal expenses for one day.
  4. Upon request and prior written approval of the Vice President or President the following other expenses, or a portion thereof, may be allowed. Original detailed receipts for these expenses must be submitted.
    1. Actual expenses for ground transportation and related costs.
    2. Up to an additional two days expense for lodging, meals, and related costs to accommodate more economical travel arrangements.
    3. Actual travel expenses within OFM allowances to accommodate special circumstances or unique recruitment requirements.

In-State Applicants From Within a 150-Mile Radius

In-state applicants traveling from inside a 150-mile radius are typically not reimbursed for travel expenses, however, subject to President or Vice President discretion, may, depending on the distance traveled and with prior President or Vice President approval, be reimbursed as follows:

  1. Allowable expense for one meal.
  2. Up to full mileage for allowable travel expense.

Internal Applicants

Internal applicants who are current employees of the Tacoma Community College are not eligible for reimbursement of any expenses.


The purpose of this policy to provide information regarding Tacoma Community College authorized allowable expenses associated with the recruitment of applicants for employment.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to applicants for full-time faculty and administrative supervisory positions. Reimbursement of expenses associated with Presidential searches are not subject to the limits of this policy and are provided as approved by the Board of Trustees, subject to the limits established by state law.


RCW 43.03.130 Travel Expenses of Prospective Employees

Office of Financial Management (OFM) Regulation 70.20 Prospective Employee

Interview Expenses


See College Policy - Definitions


Requests for travel expense reimbursement must be documented in detail and submitted on an Invoice Voucher or a Travel Expense Voucher in accordance with College and OFM guidelines.