Nepotism/Employment of Relatives

Section: IV. ADSV - 209
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 01/13/12 
Last Review: 12/22/11
Last Revision: 12/22/11
Prior Revisions: 01/28/04
Initial Adoption: Unknown


It is the policy of the college that no qualified applicant shall be denied employment by the College because of the prior or concurrent employment of a member of the applicant’s family or household except where limited below.


The purpose of this policy is intended to provide guidelines for the hiring of persons who may be related to employees of the College or members of the Board of Trustees for the College.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

This policy applies to all employees of the College. This policy also applies to persons who may apply for employment with or become employees by the College, and all volunteers.


RCW 42.52 Ethics in Public Service

RCW 42.52.020 Activities Incompatible with Public Duties


Board Member – any member of the Board of Trustees for the Tacoma Community College as appointed by the Governor of the State of Washington.

Conflict of Interest – occurs whenever an employee may have an interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, or engages in a business or transaction or professional activity that is in conflict with the proper discharge of the employee’s duties. Supervision of others, including members of an employee’s family or household, that may result in an interest to the employee is considered a conflict of interest.

Family – any person related by blood or marriage within the fourth degree. This includes, but is not limited to spouses, or legal domestic partner, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, cousins, the spouse or legal domestic partner of employee’s relatives, and relatives of the employee’s spouse or legal domestic partner.

Member of the Household – any person living in the employee’s home and at the same address as the employee.

Nepotism – the practice of showing favoritism to relatives (family) in hiring and employment practices.

Supervise – to have the authority to appoint, terminate, promote, demote, discipline, affect compensation or benefits, or determine any other terms or conditions of employment or to recommend or have substantial affect on same.

Spouse – a person related by marriage or commitment as a domestic partner for the purpose of relationship.


The following provisions shall apply to the employment of members of an employee’s family or household:

  1. A member of an employee’s immediate family or household may be employed when it has been determined that the person is qualified; however, a determination of the qualifications may not be made by the member of the candidate’s family or household.
  2. An employee may not supervise a member of the employee’s family or household.
  3. The College shall not employ any member of the Board’s household or immediate family, including spouse or domestic partner, child, or parent; nor shall the College employ any other person who is related within the fourth degree to any Board member, either by consanguinity or affinity, where the vote of the Board member involved is necessary to the selection of the person.

In all cases, including those not involving the employment of a member of an employee’s family or household, the restrictions of conflict of interest must be fully observed and adhered to by all employees of the College.