College Decision-Making

Section: I. CADM-115
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 2/14/12
Last Review:
Last Revision: 2/10/12
Prior Revisions: 3/18/04
Initial Adoption: unknown


The President is responsible for the formulation of policies requiring board approval; all recommendations for board action; implementation of board policies and corresponding procedures; and authorization of management procedures and practices.


To provide unity of effort, the basic authority for the management of Tacoma Community College is delegated to the College President from the Board of Trustees.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All faculty, staff, and students.


Board Policy Manual Chapter 4




In the interest of efficient management of campus operations, the President may delegate responsibilities, functions, and decision-making authority to college staff.  The ultimate responsibility for decision-making rests with the appropriate administrator.  The authority for decision-making is vested with the manager that is assigned responsibility for a given area/department.  To assist employees to understand levels of authority and their relationship to the administration, an administrative organizational chart has been developed (see Administrative Organization Chart). 

The management staff at Tacoma Community College, in keeping with college philosophy, utilizes the participatory approach to decision-making. Utilizing this approach and incorporating the best interests of students into decision, the management staff will make every effort to solicit the opinions and suggestions of students, personnel, and other groups or individuals who may be affected by decisions.  Individuals and groups will have opportunities for input through appropriate administrative staff meetings, college advisory committees/councils, and/or immediate supervisors.  When involved in a decision-making process, management staff will incorporate the best interests of students into the decision.