Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Policy

Section: III. STSV - 402P
Approved By: Dr. Ivan Harrell, 09/27/23
Prior Revisions: N/A
Initial Adoption: 09/27/23


To create and sustain a safe campus environment, and to ratify the Team to lead this work.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Employees, students, visitors, applicants, and community members.


Code of Student Conduct


State Board of Community and Technical Colleges


College Premises: any location, either permanent or temporary, owned, leased or under the control of Tacoma Community College. This includes but is not limited to the buildings, grounds, right of way, surrounding perimeters, parking lots and sidewalks, athletic fields, classrooms, halls, leased space, alternative work locations or any class location.

Threat: an expression or action that suggests physical, emotional, or mental harm.

Safe: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk.


This policy is established to assist in promoting a safe and secure work and learning environment through the formation of a Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team (“BITA” or “Team”).

The College is authorized to create a Team to identify, assess, and respond to behavior that may pose a threat of harm to Tacoma Community College students, employees, and invitees, thereby encouraging an environment of increased safety. The Team should provide a coordinated referral system, a detailed behavioral assessment process, an internal communications structure, an intentional intervention strategy, and a comprehensive monitoring system to allow for follow-up and support. This shall be a multidisciplinary team composed of individuals from various departments of the College to allow for maximum collaboration and coordination of efforts. The Vice President of Student Affairs, or designee, shall approve Team members.

The jurisdiction of the Team’s authority shall extend to employees, students, visitors, applicants, and community members regarding on or off campus behavior that may be deemed to be a legitimate concern and a potential threat of harm to one or more members of the College community.

If the Team determines that a person’s behavior represents an imminent risk to one or more members of the College community it shall recommend action to be taken by college personnel and/or departments with the authority to take immediate emergency action. Actions including, but not limited to, interim suspension for a defined term, the removal of the person(s) from college property, and the issuance of a trespass. In accordance with established College procedures, appropriate due process shall be afforded to the affected individual(s).


This process is overseen by the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee.