Academic Program Planning and Review

Section: II. INST- 100
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 08/02/11
Last Review: Unknown
Last Revision: Unknown
Prior Revisions: Unknown
Initial Adoption: 07/26/11


Instructional departments and programs will engage in the following planning and evaluation activities:

A. Annual Program Review (template attached).

B. Aditional evaluation materials and reports when requested by the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.


To establish the process of academic program planning and review.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All instructional departments and programs.


The appropriate forms and processes for completing the Academic Program Planning and Review are on file in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.


Academic Program Planning and Review process is an integral component of the college’s Institutional Effectiveness and Planning process.  This process aligns strategic, operational, and program planning for the purposes of resource allocation and mission fulfillment.


The Annual Program Review (APR) is an annual self evaluation allowing programs and departments to reflect on unit-level performance relative to the college mission and strategic plan.  It is collegially constructed, data informed and strategically aligned with institutional planning.  The APR is completed each fall quarter by using data from the previous academic year, and is written by the department/program chair in consultation with department/program faculty.  The APR is submitted to the respective division dean by December 1, reviewed by the dean and forwarded by January 1 to the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  The APR informs the college budget process, discretionary resource allocation, the college’s operational plan, and supports the college’s accreditation efforts.  Additionally, at the discretion of the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs departments/programs may be required to engage in additional, more extensive evaluation activities.