Collage painting by Bev Cox

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Art by Margaret Doty, Roxanne Brown, Jud Taylor, Theresa Cummins, Maryanne Dehner, Bev Cox, & Angela Howard

June 24 - August 15, 2024

Reception: July 10, 6 - 8 p.m. 

Discover the Artistic Brilliance at GHC Campus Gallery!”

Janice Tayler - Department Manager Continuing Education
CE Student Art Show!

Summer Gallery Poster



We are thrilled to invite you to explore the GHC Campus Gallery! This is your chance to witness the exceptional talent and creativity of our continuing education students. Their hard work and dedication over the recent quarters have culminated in an array of stunning artworks.

From printmaking and collage to watercolor, every piece is a testament to our students’ artistic journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in this inspiring display of creativity and lifelong learning. Come, take a stroll through the GHC Campus Gallery today! It promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Art Classes at TCC, Continuing Education

Watercolor by Jud Taylor



Works pulled from the following classes:

Exploring Mixed Media

An exploration of mixed media;  where using more than one type of art-making technique is blended together to create an art piece. The elements of design and composition were explored while combining mono-printing, photo-transfers and collage. Students gathered their art supplies including found objects, magazines and ephemera. Unique art papers were prepared, mark-making was explored and students incorporated textiles, stamps and stencils.


Relief Reduction Printmaking

In this course, students created “Reduction Prints” in linoleum. “Reduction” printing is a form of relief printmaking invented by Pablo Picasso. With this technique, the printing of multi-colors are printed from variations on the same block. One color is printed, the linoleum is cut away and the next color is applied. This process is continued until all colors are applied.

Different papers and inking techniques were explored.   


Watercolor Techniques