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Paralegal Program 

Limited License Legal Technician



TCC offers the Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Core Curriculum required by the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). The LLLT license allows holders to provide limited legal advice in family law. The Washington State Supreme Court endorsed the license on Sept. 1, 2012, making Washington the first state that authorizes this profession.

 This rule authorizes non-attorneys who meet certain educational requirements to advise and assist clients in approved practice areas of law.  Upon completion of the core curriculum at TCC, applicants may submit transcripts to the WSBA for admission to the next step of the education requirement - the practice area curriculum.  Applicants for licensure as a LLLT must also meet certain education requirements, in addition to taking exams and completing 3,000 substantive-law work hours under the supervision of an attorney.

Students can earn their Paralegal degree or Pro-Certificate while satisfying the LLLT Core Curriculum required by the WSBA. Contact Program Chair Jennifer Sorensen for questions.

Core Curriculum Requirements

To satisfy the 45 credit hours of core curriculum requirement, you must take:

    • the required courses at an ABA approved legal studies program (see below for the specified 37 credits); and
    • 8 credits of any other PLST courses offered at TCC; and
    • All PLST Courses must be completed with a “C” or higher.

    Under APR 28, Tacoma Community College is approved to offer the which qualifies for the 45 credit hours of core curriculum.

Civil Procedure, minimum 8 credits

Contracts, minimum 3 credits
Interviewing and Investigation Techniques, minimum 3 credits
Introduction to Law and Legal Process, minimum 3 credits
Law Office Procedures and Technology, minimum 3 credits
Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis, minimum 8 credits
Professional Responsibility, minimum 3 credits


TCC Paralegal Program

The TCC Paralegal Program is approved by the American Bar Association. The program offers both degree and certificate options to those interested in pursuing a career in the legal services field and providing services under the supervision of an attorney.

Associate of Applied Science

An associate degree program designed to prepare students for a career as a paralegal or legal assistant.

Paralegal Pro-Certificate

Designed for those who already possess an associate or bachelor degree and wish to enter the legal services profession. 

Limited License Legal Technician Preparation 

A 45-credit certificate for those who already possess an associate or bachelor degree, which satisfies a required step (the LLLT Core Curriculum) by the WSBA for LLLT.

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