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Academic Forgiveness

Section: III.  STSV - 200
Approved By: Dr. Pamela J. Transue, 1/28/04
Last Review: June 2011
Last Revision: 1/28/04
Prior Revisions: none
Initial Adoption: April 1997


The Registrar is directed to develop a procedure that gives students an opportunity to have Tacoma Community College course work set aside provided that:

  •          The student must be currently enrolled.
  •          The forgiveness (set aside) date must be at least five years prior to the current quarter.
  •          All course work taken prior to the forgiveness date will be set aside. The student may not elect to retain individual courses and set aside other courses.
  •          The Academic Forgiveness option may be exercised only once.

Forgiven course work will not be used in the determination of credits earned at TCC, the cumulative grade point average, or the calculation of honors.  The course number, title and original grade of all forgiven course work will remain on the transcript.  Forgiven course work may not be reinstated or used to satisfy prerequisite or degree requirements.  Academic forgiveness does not apply to cumulative grade point average used to calculate financial aid eligibility.

Students are advised that a decision to set aside course work may or may not be honored by other educational institutions, since each institution interprets transcripts according to its own policies.


The Academic Forgiveness Policy provides a returning student a fresh start after an earlier unsuccessful academic experience which no longer reflects the student’s current academic abilities; provides a student who initially selected an inappropriate program, or a student whose skills and abilities were mismatched with a program, a second chance in a new and unrelated program; and provides for increased equity between a native student and a transfer student by offering the native student an opportunity for a fresh educational start.

A transfer student is allowed to choose which transcripts from other institutions the student wants evaluated by TCC.  This policy gives the native student a similar opportunity to overcome unsuccessful work from a previous period in their educational experience.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All individuals registered for classes at Tacoma Community College.






A student requesting Academic Forgiveness must do the following:

  •   Be currently enrolled at Tacoma Community College.
  •   Pick up an Academic Forgiveness Petition form at the Registration office in Building 18.
  •   Meet with an advisor.
  •   Select a forgiveness date at least five (5) years prior to the current quarter.
  •   Advisor signs the petition.
  •   Student signs the petition.
  •   Take the petition to the Student Services Administration office in Building 18 and make an appointment to meet with the Dean for Enrollment Services (or Dean’s designee) to review the petition.